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Biotransformation, Mechanisms and Pathways

Biotransformation, Mechanisms and Pathways

Chair: Amit S. Kalgutkar

Co-Chair: Valerie Kramlinger

The emphasis of this group is to focus on various aspects of metabolic biotransformation pathways associated with small molecule drugs and xenobiotics. This is a relatively broad topic for both academic and industrial research but some of the initial points for discussion will include: (a) metabolism-directed drug design (e.g., incorporation of D to reduce metabolic liability), (b) mechanisms underlying biotransformations that yield “unusual” metabolites and characterization of the metabolizing enzymes responsible for their formation, and (c) idiosyncratic immune-mediated toxicity via metabolism (e.g., reactive metabolites). The list of topics extends way beyond these examples, spreading into drug design, drug-drug interactions and drug safety to name a few areas of interest. Beyond just being a discussion forum this group will also aim to generate and publish position papers on new vistas in biotransformation science in relation to drug discovery/development, The focus group will also maintain an active role at drug metabolism-centered (e.g., ISSX) meetings where members can meet/connect regularly to discuss progress and to recruit new members. The group will also aim to have targeted sessions at ISSX meetings that highlight new and exciting science within our focus area.

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