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Bioanalysis in ADME Science

Bioanalysis in ADME Science

Chair: Lucinda Hittle

Co-Chair: Michael Reilly 

The aims of this focus group are (a) to promote state-of-the-art analytical technologies to solve challenging issues faced in ADME studies and bioanalysis, (b) to enable industrial scientists to actively contribute to and participate at ISSX meetings and associated activities, and (d) to enhance synergy between industrial scientists and academic researchers. Activities of this group include organizing ADME and bioanalysis-related sessions, workshops and discussion forums at ISSX meetings, to generate and publish position papers on emerging analytical technologies and approaches faced in drug discovery and development, and to collaborate with other organizations to discuss regulatory aspects of ADME and bioanalysis. In the next two years, this groups will focus on the following topics:

  1. Methods of analysis of biologics and data interpretation in drug discovery and development.
  2. New technology and approaches for the bioanalysis of intact protein therapys.
  3. Strategies for early assessment of metabolite safety issues in drug development.
  4. Identification of new analytical tools for improving in vitro models.
  5. DMPK approaches to optimizing exposures with limited resources.
  6. Strategies and methods for early identification of issues associated with potentially toxic metabolites in drug discovery.

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