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Chair: Xiaoyan Chu

Co-Chair: Xinning Yang

The goals of this focus group are to disseminate and promote state-of-the-art research and foster collaborations among ISSX members on the role of transporters in drug disposition, drug interactions, efficacy, and toxicity, and their impact on drug discovery, development, and regulatory decision making.  Examples of areas of focus include: 1) understanding the clinical significance of transporters; 2) improving prediction of transporter-mediated pharmacokinetics, intracellular drug concentrations and drug interactions with in vitro data, tissue imaging, endogenous biomarkers, and mechanistic modeling, etc.; 3) understanding regulation of transporters and the effects of diseases (e.g. organ impairment), age, and pharmacogenomics on the function of transporters and 4) exploring transporters as therapeutic targets.

The Transporter Focus Group will engage ISSX members throughout the year via discussion forums, webinars, workshops and meeting planning.  Specifically, the focus group will (a) collaborate with other ISSX focus groups to contribute to topic and program proposals for future ISSX workshops and  meetings;  (b) set up a transporter discussion forum and connect with the members on a regular basis and plan a targeted focus group session at every ISSX annual meeting; (c) organize webinars and/or transporter-focused workshops to discuss emerging topics and state-of-the-art research; and (d) interact and collaborate with other professional societies and groups, e.g., ASCPT, ACCP, AAPS, ITC, and IQ to organize joint symposia/workshops on transporter-related topics.

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